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You need something better. You're here because you want somewhere you can find a way to take back control. You're looking for a fix without added pressure, stress or absorption of your precious time. You found it! At The Planning Circle you can find the answers!Specialising in time management, organisation, weekly planning, self accountability and affordable solutions to stressful modern life... we have more than enough to get you that relief you're searching for. Our range of services we offer grows quickly and despite 15 years of experience, we are always finding new ways to buy you time.Take a look around, feel free to drop us a line if you don't see what you're looking for or would like a consultation on the best way forward. We are Emma Watson (director, creator, peddlar of time) and Lyndsey Fletcher (assistant genius and Planning Circle accredited V.A) and we are ready to help you change your life!

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You've been on a journey to find a planner that works. A planner that skips past the fluff and fairy dust. A planner that will keep you on track, teaching you how to improve your time management, organisation and scheduling as well as educating you effortlessly on how to become the efficient, sleek business owner that you know is inside you somewhere.
Congratulations! You have reached your destination!
The Orb Planner was released for the first time in 2019 and to say It rocked the UK small business planning scene would be an understatement! 
The 2020 Orb Planner is even better.
Emma has taken her ass-kicking planning method, her 15 years experience in time management and her love of all things organised to bring you the #1 all-in-one life planner for the modern entrepreneur.
Packed with features such as;
Stylish matte hardback cover.Spacious A4 size.52 huge weekly spreads.Brain Dump zones.Weekly reflection actives.12 monthly review actives.Weekly notes sections.Weekly focus.Weekly 2 Minute Task active.Weekly Migrations feature.Weekly Pride Points active.Weekly Top 12 Tasks active.Weekly Spill Over Task zone.
Plus the added bonus of or basic version of The Planning Circle's unique planning method in every copy.
And it's just £45 including free UK delivery.
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