Successful People Lie

It's not easy trying to be successful in 2020. It doesn't mean its any harder than it has been any other year prior to this one. But this year... for some reason I won't even try to go into here... self expectations are so high for so many of us.

We are parents, friends, business owners, sons, daughters and people in our own right. We need to love ourselves enough to know that the only expectations of us that matter are the ones that keep us connected.

Men are expected to be more open about their mental state, more in touch with their feminine side, more conscious of equality in the workplace and less aggressive with their movements towards their goals.

Women are expected to raise children like they don't work, work like they don't have children, be capable of everything a man is and remain slim, healthy and filled with vibrance on 3 hours sleep.

It's not easy trying to be successful in 2020.

The hardest thing about it is that every single person is struggling with the same things, battling the same deadlines and pretending that they are absolutely in control.

It's a vicious circle of pride and pretence, covering up our true feelings and experiences. Thus creating a forcefield around ourselves that neither can be reached into or out of.

Change this today. Because you can. You don't need to answer to anyone but yourself. You don't need to prove anything other than that you try your best. - And that includes trying your best for your SELF.

The only controllable we can work with in these situations is our own priorities. Really. It's the very best we can do. And to do that we have to look at something that we can only dream of fully controlling. We look at it, we appreciate it's power and we train OURSELVES to work alongside it instead of against it, fearing it, wishing it away or praying for more if it.

Time is the one thing that we can spend and can never ever get back. Time is priceless.

If you are overwhelmed, losing the will to try, are disappointed in your inability to be perfect for everyone... do one thing.

Begin to treat your time as the gift it is. With an expiry date that we cannot ever really know is coming. Begin to treat yourself with respect. You have no more or no less worries than anyone else pretending that they have it all in the bag. - We are all just winging it. Every single one of us.


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