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Orb Planner Undated (Perfect bound)

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The 2020 Orb Planner A4.




  • What is it?

    The Orb Planner was designed to maximise time. Your time. Planning weekly and reflecting monthly, you can not only manage your time well, but you can control how much of it you actually have. 

    The Orb Planner is part of The Orb System, a combination of planner, planning method and private Facebook group created to teach and support you into becoming an organisation pro! 

    Alone, The Orb Planner can be used with most planning methods or however its owner chooses to use it. This is because all of my products and services are designed to be flexible.

    Containing Monthly Review and Looking Forward sections, The Orb encourages you to regularly look at what you have achieved in life, business and improving your planning skills. These are all placed at the beginning of the planner so that you can easily take a look at the previous month's review whilst working on your new one. Teaching good planning skills doesn't always happen overnight but with The Orb you will learn, tweak and learn some more until you have a quick, tailored method of your very own.

    Your Orb also comes with a full double spread for brain dumping and prioritising each plan before you enter it into your weekly layout. This way it goes in right the first time, every time and allows you to let your creative side out, put it into order and then pop it back in without anyone ever seeing the mess!

    The weekly layout pages are set out with a Weekly Focus to encourage progress in manageable steps each week. This allows the user to add a focus for progression alongside their existing commitments. No need to book a week out to take on that new project. Just slot it into your week alongside your dentist appointment and business calls!

    Your weekly layout contains spaces for added bonuses such as Migrations, Spill-Over Tasks and 2 Minute Tasks for you to move any unfinished tasks from the previous plan, add in some extras you may find time for and sneak in those teeny ones if you find yourself with a couple of minutes spare. All of these have proven to significantly increase productivity and improve mindset and confidence in planning. 

    The planning spread itself comes with long hours from 6am to 9pm for those who don't work the usual 9-5 hours and for anyone who likes to add an early morning or evening project to their plans. This area is also split into 30 minute time blocks to help more accurately plot your commitments. If its going to take 30 mimutes, no one would want to lose another 30 by having to block out the whole hour. That would just be silly! 

    The Orb appreciates the value of your time and it teaches you how to get the most value possible from it. Lasting 52 weeks, The Orb is by your side for the whole year. No fuss, frills or frolics. Just positively productive planning!

  • Returns & Refunds Policy

    If you are not happy with your Orb Planner, please do return to us in its original condition within 28 days for an exchange or full refund. 

    We take great care to package our planners carefully but in the unusual event that something does happen to make it a little wonky on arrival, just send us an email at emma@planningcircle.co.uk and we will get a replacement arranged for you.

  • Shipping Info

    The Orb Planner is treasure. We know that you're really excited and want to receive it really fast, so we send it out to you super speedily and wrapped ever so carefully. We only use Royal Mail First Class which usually arrives the very next day (as long as you order in time for us to post it before 5pm). If you have any unusual postage requests, please do just get in touch at emma@planningcircle.co.uk and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

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