The Lighthouse Membership Annual

For two years now we have been tackling these issues together. Big, nasty, horrible monsters that all small business owners face around time and money... and the guilt that they bring with them.

For two years I have been trying to create something that everyone can access to help them the most.


This is for the established business run by a tired, overwhelmed professional desperate for a way to revolutionise their business.

This is for the start-up business in a world of new challenges and experiences, terrified of what they've got themselves into.

This is for the business that can't get going because of finances, existing jobs, busy family lives or health issues.

This is for the person about to give up on their passion because they just can't see a way to make it what they dream it can be.

This is for a person exhausted by a mind that can't switch off.

This is for you.


For everyone. Regardless of size, struggle, budget, botheration, hassle or headache.


It's showing you the way to a productive, stable business. Successes and sunshine. It's group accountability. It's the family environment, specifically aimed at YOUR current tasks. It moves with your business, grows with you and changes with your needs.

I'm no formal frontier. It'll be a safe, encouraging place with a strict routine for you to follow. But it will be ever so much fun too.


The business side of running your business doesn't need to be boring, stressful or overwhelming. It needs to be enjoyable...or at least rewarding.


✅ Daily group accountability

✅ Weekly zoom sessions

✅ Files and documents stuffed with cleverness

✅ Midweek emails to lift your spirits

✅ Share your story - celebrate your wins

✅ Community love and family. Win together.

✅Prizes. Every single month. Motivation right there.

✅ Me. Yeah baby. You get access to me via message or email every single day. A crisis never happens when we expect it. And when it comes, you will not face it alone.


The Lighthouse isn't your standard paid members club. It is a labour of love for me. Two years in the planning and perfecting. To get it just right for what people like you need.


Effective. Affordable. Non-Intrusive. Fun. Direct.


The Lighthouse.



    The Planning Circle