The Pre-Launch Plan

The Pre-Launch Plan

Are you launching a new product, servie or even an entirely new business online? 


You'll need this! It tells you every single step needed to promote and prepare your audience for the new release about to hit the market. 

Use social media to build excitement and keep your audience in the loop with developments as you get closer and closer to the launch date. By the time you're good to go live, you'll have them hanging on your every word and queuing to find out how they can get their hands on what you're offering! 


The best way to do these things is to do them in an organised way, but that doesn't mean it has to be tedious, dull and completely fun-sucking! Make launching something new an exciting thing for both your audience and yourself! 


Also a great buy for those who have launched already but haven't quite had the uptake they desire. Launching isn't easy and knowing how to do it by yourself is even harder. You could go andpay someone £1000+ to do it for you, or you can piurchase this DIY kit and have some fun with it along the way. 


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